Dr. David A. Franzi

Center for Earth and Environmental Science

Plattsburgh State University




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1984   PhD, Geology, Syracuse University

1980   MS, Geology, Miami University

1977   BA, Environmental Earth Science,
                 Eastern Connecticut State College

Research Interests

Glacial geomorphology and deglacial history of the Adirondack Mountains and Champlain Valley

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of glacial deposits

Hydrogeology of Altona Flat Rock


Photograph:  Curt Stager (left) and Dave Franzi (right) use a Russian peat corer to sample lacustrine sediment from Long Pond (photo by Pete Knuepfer, March, 2002). 


GEL 101  Physical Geology:  Geology is the study of our planet Earth.  In this course we examine the composition and internal structure of the Earth with an emphasis upon the internal and surficial processes that created and continue to modify it.

GEL 324  Sedimentology:  The study of the origin, transportation and deposition of sediment and the formation of sedimentary rocks.

GEL 341  Geomorphology:  The study of Earth-surface processes and the origin of landforms and landscapes.

GEL 346  Environmental Geology:  Investigates the relationship between people and Earth processes and the application of geological principles to solving environmental problems.

GEL 440  Geology Seminar:  A team-taught seminar class that addresses interesting geological problems and current issues and events.  The course satisfies the College's advanced writing requirement (AWR)

GEL 446  Applied Environmental Geology:  A practical, hands-on application of geomorphological and geotechnical engineering methods to local environmental problems.





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