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Origin of the "Flat Rocks"

Regional Deglaciation




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The 1998 Ice Storm


Epicormic branching on an ice-storm-damaged pitch pine.


     The Ecosystems Studies Field Laboratory was created in 1992 as a joint initiative between Plattsburgh State University and the W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute to enhance undergraduate instruction and provide research opportunities for students in geology and environmental science.   The laboratory site occupies approximately 100 hectares on Altona Flat Rock in the upper Little Chazy River watershed, approximately 13 kilometers north of the Plattsburgh State University campus. 

     The field site offers an excellent geological, hydrological and ecological setting for illustrating the interdependence of natural processes and the effects of human activities on natural ecosystems.  The diverse forests, wetland ecosystems, and hydrological and meteorological instrumentation at the site provide the focus for problem-based learning in several geology and environmental science courses and undergraduate research projects.  Use of real-world data from a familiar and accessible field site in courses from different but related scientific disciplines fosters an integrated, interdisciplinary perspective that enhances a student's understanding and appreciation for ecosystem function and value. 


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