Dr. Donald J. Bogucki

Center for Earth and Environmental Science


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Remote Sensing Laboratory



1970   PhD, University of Tenessee

1968   MS, University of Tenessee

1966   BA,  University of Connecticut


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Research Interests

Wetland and Watershed Relationships
     in the Adirondacks

Wetlands Remote Sensing and Ecology

Debris Slides in the Applachian System



ENV 306  Earth and Atmospheric Processes:   The interaction of atmospheric and geomorphic processes at the Earth's surface with emphasis upon geohazards and natural disasters.

ENV 355  Principles of Remote Sensing:   Introduction to basic electromagnetic energy and its utilization in photographic and non-photographic sensors.  The fundamentals of photo interpretation, photogrammetry, and image analysis will be presented.

ENV 455  Advanced Remote Sensing:   Advanced topics in remote sensing including concepts in electromagnetic energy, sensors and platforms, and digital image processing.  A hands-on approach to image analysis.

GEL 341  Geomorphic Processes:   The study of Earth-surface processes and the origins of landforms and landscapes.







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Research Interests

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