BIO 114                                           Introduction to the Health Professions


Donald F. Slish (                                  Office: 304B Beaumont

Office Hours: Mon., & Wed. 2-3 P.M., Thurs. 2-3 A.M. (or other times by appointment)



This course was designed to provide a survey of the options available in the field of health care.  It is an opportunity for students who are interested in the health care to become exposed to some of the wide range of professions that are available.  Each week a health care practitioner will give a 30-40 minute talk followed by a question and answer period.


Schedule of Presenters:

Date                            Presenter                                Profession                 

Aug. 30th                       Jose deOndarza                       Med Tech/Cytotechnology

Sept. 6th                       D. Slish                                   Pre-Health at PSU     

Sept. 13th                       David Curry                            Nurse Practitioner

Sept. 20th                           David Stinson                         Anesthesiologist (M.D.)

Sept. 27th                     David Anderson                     Family Practice

Oct. 4th                            Jeffery Dodge                         D.O.  O.B./Gyn


Oct. 11th                      Bryan Fleischman                   Caribbean Medical School (AUA)

Oct. 18th                      Daryl Lamson (M.D.)             Research Scientist

Oct. 25th                         John Wojtkielewicz                 LECOM 3+4 Programs

                                                                                    (D.O., Dentistry, Pharmacy)

Nov. 1st                           Gail Harris                               Test Prep

Nov. 8th                          Susan Sand                             Physicianís Assistant

Nov. 15th                     Sgt. Marcus Tillis                    Army Medical Scholarships

                                    Sgt. Robin Brewer

Nov. 28th                     Lili Young                               Podiatry (NYCPM)

Dec. 6th                                    Final Week - hand in final report

* This presenter is somewhat tentative and may change.


Your grade will be based on two things; attendance and a short paper submitted at the end of the semester:                    

Grading Scale:                        A      > 95

                                                                                                A-        90-94

                                                                                    B+        87-89

Attendance                 100 pts.                                               B         83-86

Report                         100 pts.                                               B-         80-82

Total                            200 pts/1 = 100 %                               C+        77-79

                                                                                                C         73-76

                                                                                                C-         70-72

                                                                                                D+        66-69

                                                                                                D         62-65

                                                                                                E            < 62

Attendance Policy 

A large part of your grade (50%) will be attendance.  Attendance is mandatory and an absence, excused or not, will cost 10 points.  MORE THAN 4 ABSENCES WILL RESULT IN A FAILURE.  This is an easy class - just show up.

This class is scheduled for 6:00 Ė 6:50.  Attendance will be taken between 5:50 and 5:55.  You must be here by 5:55 to get credit for attendance.   This is to show respect for our presenters, who are graciously donating their time, and to impress them with the professionalism of the students here at Plattsburgh State University.  While you are in class, you should be taking notes on the presentations, even if you donít think that you are interested in the profession (you may change your mind).  These notes will be important when you write your final report.



The report, which is due on the last day of class, December 6th, will outline your career goals, describe how you came to your decision, and, especially, how you plan to achieve your goal.  Please donít start your essay with ďWhen I was a little boy I always wanted to be a doctor.Ē  Even if itís true, itís trite and boring.  What Iím going to be looking for is maturity.  Do you really understand what this profession entails?  Do you really know what it will take to enter the field?

 Itís especially important to discuss the process of getting into the school that you want.  You will need to do on-line research to do this.  For example, if you want to be a veterinarian, you need to do the following:  1.) Research Vet schools to see which schools you are interested in.  2.) Determine the entrance requirements. 3.) Find the average GPA's and GRE's accepted applicants at that school.  4.) Discuss what types of Vet sciences are there (to show that you understand the field).  5.) Discuss which specialty you'd like and why.  6.) Determine what your strategy will be if you don't get into vet school right after college. In other words, you need to show me that you are beyond having a vague notion of your career choice and have made a serious, adult decision.

If you still arenít sure what career you would like to choose, you should treat this as an academic exercise.  Write the paper on a career that you find interesting, and write it as if you have made this decision.  Do all the research necessary to make a good paper.  This exercise will give you the skills to succeed when you have made a decision.