Cardiovascular Pharmacology  BIO424


Instructor: Donald F. Slish                                                        Office: 304B Beaumont Hall
Phone: (518) 564-5160                                                              

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Office Hours: M, W @ 2:00, Thu @ 2:00 (or other times by appointment)


Topic 1  Classical Pharmacology

            Drug-receptor interaction and Dose/Response curves, spare receptors

Topic 2  Receptor Pharmacology 

7 TMR receptors and second messenger generating systems


Exam I (Sept. 18th)


Topic 3  Receptor Regulation - up and down regulation due to drugs and disease

Topic 4  Autonomic Pharmacology

            The Autonomic Nervous System:  Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic

            Pre and Post-synaptic Biochemical Mechanisms: Muscarinic vs. Adrenergic

            Autonomic Regulation of C.V. System - Baroreceptors and feedback mechanisms


Exam II (Oct. 16th)


Topic 5  Cardiac and Vascular Cell Biology - contraction, relaxation, and control

            Cardiac and Smooth Muscle Cell Biology

Topic 6  Cardiovascular Physiology

            Hemodynamic factors that control cardiac output


Exam III (Nov. 8th)


Topic 7 Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

            Pathological states and Pharmacological intervention


Final Exam



Primary Literature Review

            In each of the above Topics we will review the current literature for advances in each field of study.



The objectives of this course are for the student to develop an understanding of the above topics and to develop their skills in reading primary literature.


The final grade will be based on the three                 

exams during the semester, the final exam,                                        A              > 93

and attendance.                                                                                   A-        90 - 92

                        B+        87 - 89

                                                                                                B         83 - 86

                                                                                                            B-         80 – 82

          100 pts.              Exam #1                                                         C+        77 - 79

          100 pts.              Exam #2                                                         C         73 - 76

          100 pts.              Exam #3                                                         C -       70 - 72

          100 pts.              Final Exam                                                     D+        66 - 69

          400 pts / 4 = Final Grade                                                         D         62 - 65

                                                                                                            E       < 62




This is a very small class and much of it will depend on class discussion and participation.  Also, there is no text book and the exams will be based on notes in class, papers that we read together, and discussions during class.  Attendance is very much encouraged. 

Absence from an exam for sickness will only be excused when documented by infirmary staff or physician. Absence from an exam because of death in the immediate family will be excused when documented by the Office of Student Affairs.  If an exam is missed, notify me, preferably before, but within 5 days after the exam date. Students without a test grade after this period will receive zero for that test.


Withdrawal Policy


The withdrawal policy in this class will be the University's policy, i.e., withdrawal from a class is permitted until the last day of course selection for the fall semester. Withdrawal after this time will only be allowed for grave illness or other serious difficulty. Withdrawal after this point will not be given due to poor grades. If you have failed the first two tests, seriously consider whether or not you can pass the course with a reasonable grade. There's no penalty for dropping before fall registration is over (i.e., everyone gets a passing withdrawal).    




Be sure to check your Plattsburgh email account or have it forwarded to your personal email account.  I will be sending you PDF files of papers that you will need to print out and read before class. 





Honor Code Pledge


It is expected that all students enrolled in this

class support the letter and the spirit of the

Academic Honesty Policy as stated

in the college catalog.



Cell Phone Policy






Cell phones, iPODs and any other electronic devices are prohibited during exams.  The use of an electronic device during an exam will be considered evidence of cheating. 



Assessment of Student Learning:  Analytical skill development and understanding of fundamental biological principles


The faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences are committed to providing students with a first-rate educational experience as articulated in the Departmental Mission Statement:


            “The Department of Biological Sciences strives to provide students with the fundamental understanding of the principles and methods of the life sciences within the context of a sound liberal arts education.  Emphasis is on the development of the student’s ability to analyze problems, apply scientific method, communicate biological information, and interpret current advances in research.”


Student progress toward attaining the goals set forth in the Departmental Mission Statement will be assessed in part by an exam or quiz question that has been selected for this purpose by the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences.