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Hello and Welcome -

Ed-Tech Video Intro - v.5

Though I still need to work on the music track. It's currently a scratch track until I can work on the music. The Artist/DJ/Producer is known as Miss Nine and the track is called, "Natsumi".

All of the graphics are done in Photoshop. The music track edited in Audacity. The "Ed-Tech" with God Rays created entirely in Blender. It took approximately four days to complete from start to finish. Then re-imported into Blender's Video Sequence Editor for this piece.

This piece is strictly for Educational purposes regarding various editing techniques as well as a "how-to" use Blender ( as a cross platform video editor for Teachers and Students to use in the classroom.

Logo for Blender 3D creation software.

This clip serves several purposes, such as showcase what Ed-Tech covers over two semesters in the areas of Web Design, 2D/3D Animation, Video Production / Post Production, WebQuest Design, SMART Board Training and more.

It also serves to demonstrate another side to Blender - as a multi-purpose application that allows for the creation of motion graphics, 3D titling, and video editing in a wide variety of formats.

Of course, Blender is also capable of creating 3D models, 3D animation, and 3D video games. Not to shabby for a FREE download.

A "Video Editing in Blender" Workshop is currently being developed for Spring 2013.
Announcements will be made soon!