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Prof. O'Hara's LIB105A
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LIB105 Withdrawal Date is
Tuesday May 26th at 4pm

Site last revised May 28, 2009

Contact Information:

Elin O'Hara, Senior Assistant Librarian
Feinberg Library 247
Phone: (518) 564-5187
Office Hours for Maymester: Tues.-Fri 10-11am or by appt.
email: oharaea@plattsburgh.edu


Course Objectives

Students will be able to…

  • Identify information needs and develop a research topic
  • Identify and use appropriate library research resources and services
  • Develop successful search strategies and vocabularies
  • Understand information era issues, such as Fair Use, intellectual freedom, and the Digital Divide
  • Use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel components critical for student work

Attendance Policy

It benefits you to attend class regularly since this class is in a condensed format, with each class building upon the others. There will be required in-class assignments completed each day that cannot be made up, therefore regular attendance during this course is ESSENTIAL for maintaining a passing grade. If you are unable to make a class due to an emergency, documentation verifying the serious nature of the emergency will be required the next class meeting. Any absences during the four-day course will result in a grade of an E.

Course Grade Summary

In-class Assignments                 20%

Homework Assignments            30%

Final Project                             20%

Final Exam                               10%

Participation                             20%

Class Participation & Behavior

You must participate!  I take note of the frequency and quality of everyone’s class participation.  Do not expect to receive a passing class participation grade if I notice you IM’ing, emailing, not paying attention (i.e. back to the room), playing games, Facebooking, etc.  You will receive a zero for class participation that day if I notice any of the aforementioned behaviors.  Any rudeness to your classmates or myself will not be tolerated.  In the event your behavior becomes untenable you will be asked to leave, you will receive zeros for class participation and the missed in-class assignments. One more item…you cannot have your cell phone out during class!   If your cell phone appears or rings during class, you will receive a zero for that day's in-class assignment and participation grades.


Submitting Assignments

Homework assignments are to be placed in the homework basket at the front of the classroom by the beginning of each class period.  You are expected to do this without being reminded.  Assignments turned in after the beginning of class will not be accepted.  If for some reason you are turning in an assignment to me outside of class, the HW drop-box in the Reference Room must be used.  Furthermore, my name MUST be prominently displayed at the top of the assignment; assume the assignment will be lost if you do not include this.  Other than a late HW submission authorized by me in advance, in-person delivery is the only acceptable method of delivering homework. DO NOT copy anyone else’s assignments or “work with” someone else from class.  You will receive a zero for the assignment and/or be reported to the Dean of Students if I suspect plagiarism.  Moreover, there are so few HW assignments, keep in mind that each missing HW assignment can lower your final average roughly 5-10 points.

Final Grade Scale

A: 100-93

A-: 92-90

B+: 89-87

B: 86-83

B-: 82-80

C+: 77-79

C: 73-76

C-: 72-70

D+: 67-69

D: 63-66

E: Below 63

Class Schedule

Section C Course Dates Class Topics Readings/Links Assigned In-class Assignments Homework Assignments
May 26 Intro. to the Library & information organization, The research process All the links listed under Class 1Beginning Your Research, Keywords vs. Subject Headings to be started in class Journaling, Read ALL Class 1 links, 3 citations, Finish Beginning Your Research, Prepare presentations
May 27The research process, library catalog searching (cont'd), Boolean Searching, Database Selection All the links listed under Class 2 Call Numbers Quest, Finding Info. 1 & 2 to be started in class, Journaling, Read ALL Class 2 links, Excel spreadsheet, Boolean Searching, Prepare presentations
May 28 Boolean searching, access points, Citations, Existing Research All the links listed under Class 3 Taking Adv. of Existing Research, Bibliography Survivor Journaling, Read ALL Class 3 links, Take Home Final, Prepare presentations
May 29Problems of the Internet Age, Website Evaluation/Best practices   Website Evaluation, Plagiarism  

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