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Jeff Hornibrook
Department of History
Plattsburgh State University
Champlain Valley Hall #225
Plattsburgh NY 12901



I specialize in teaching Modern East Asian History, Comparative Global History and Peasant Studies.  My classes provide a global perspective that is useful for anyone studying the modern world in history or any of the social sciences.  With discussions in comparative industrialization, imperialism, communism, and peasant societies, I incorporate studies from across the globe and across disciplines.

In the fall of 2007, I was part of a delegation from SUNY Plattsburgh to Wanli University in Ningbo, Zhejiang China.  Our college is attempting to establish a relationship with that college that could allow students from Plattsburgh to study in China while Chinese students learn from our faculty here.  See the photo below (I'm third from the left).  

Courses Offered

ASI 110: Introduction to Asia Survey of East, South, Central and West Asia's past and present society and culture.  Incorporates anthropology, history, geography, and other disciplines to provide a broad comparative overview.  This course is designed as a foundation course for our Asian Studies minor program but can be taken for Gen Ed credit.  The minor includes most of my courses listed below plus offerings from faculty in several other departments.

HIS 132: Global History 1500-Present Survey of the development of the Modern World-System.  This course examines the histories of Mexico, South Africa, and China as they are gradually incorporated into the European-based system.  Topics include the invasion of the Aztec empire, the penetration of Khoikhoi territory near present-day Cape Town, trade with China using Mexican silver, the industrial revolution, the Opium Wars in China, the founding of silver mines in Mexico and diamond mines in South Africa, peasant wars in Mexico, apartheid and the rise of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, and Communism in China.

HIS 132 Library Assignment


HIS 181: East Asian Civilization (HIS 181) Overview of the history of East Asia.  Topics include  Confucius and the Daoists, the first emperor Qin Shihuang, the spread of Buddhism, the expansion of Chinese culture into Vietnam and Korea, the founding of the Japanese empire, the rise of the Mongols, Japan under the Samurai, Western imperialism in Asia, Japanese modernization and the causes of W.W.II, the Vietnam War, Communism in Vietnam and China, and Capitalism in Japan.

HIS 181 Library Assignment


HIS 285: Introduction to History  A broad introduction the the discipline of history for history majors and history minors, focusing on its principal concepts, problems and questions, including: the perspectives of time and space in human experience; the individual and history; historical phenomenon, (i.e. revolution, conquest, golden age); and historical causes and their relation to other disciplines.

HIS 354: Peasants: Society and Rebellion Examines arguably the largest but least understood sector of the world's population.  We begin with an examination of the social and economic makeup of these people throughout the world.   Subsequent topics include "Weapons of the Weak," "Social Banditry," millenarian movements, guerrilla warfare, communist revolution, and the impact of the "New World Order."  This course is useful for students in Anthropology, as well as those interested in European, Latin American, and/or Asian history.

HIS 386: Japan and China in the World Wars Examines the world wars within the context of regional conflict in East Asia.  Topics include the Japanese invasion of China, the emergence of General Tojo, "Comfort Women," "Rape of Nanjing," Hiroshima, and the rise of the Chinese Communists. Discusses global issues including colonization and industrialization of the Pacific Rim, Pan-Asianism and Asian alliances with Allied and Axis powers.

HIS 389: People's Republic of China Discusses the rise of the Communist movement in China from its earliest years to the present.  Topics include Warlords, Mao Zedong and the peasants, the creation of communes and the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping and the incorporation of the (world) market in Chinese communism, Hong Kong, the Tiananmen Square massacre, and membership in the World Trade Organization.


Asian and International Programs and Organizations at Plattsburgh

Department of History Includes courses in the histories of Europe, Canada, Native Americans, and Latin America, as well as Migration History, Cultural Globalization, Environmental History and pre-modern and modern war histories.

Asian Studies Program  An interdisciplinary minor program that examines Asian society and culture.

Asian Studies Committee  A faculty-based organization that is interested in presenting cultural and academic events that are open to the college and the community.

Asian Student Organization  A web page of a very active student organization on this campus that includes not only Asian students but many students interested in Asia from the United States and throughout the world.

Canadian Studies   Among the only Canadian Studies programs in the United States.  Not only do we have a wide array of courses from many disciplines, we also hold the largest library of Canadian-made movies in the country.

Latin American Studies A very active and successful program that includes courses from many of the college's departments and a chance to participate in the Model OAS Program.

Asian and Non-Western Art Exhibit  Good exhibit in the Rockwell Kent Gallery located in our library.

Cultural Studies Faculty Seminar  Informal discussion group of members from several departments and interests.  Discussions have included Prostitution in Asia, the Politics of Food in Europe and Post-Modernist Art as well as discussions of Habermas, Said, and Foucault.

Winter and Summer Sessions Provides many unique opportunities for students who wish to study in Plattsburgh but not always in the classroom.


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