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MGM315 International Business

Course Instructor: Prem Gandhi
Session Librarian: Karen Volkman
Page Location:
Session Date: Monday September 24, 2001

Country Background Information


World Factbook Country basics and infrastructure from CIA

Background Notes  Country briefing (approx. 12 pages) from the U.S. Department of State

Europa World Yearbook  Country briefing
Ref. Desk JN1.E85 v.1-2

Country Study   Book length demographic and infrastructure descriptions of countries sponsored by the U.S. Department of Army.  See the chapters relevant to your research.

Amnesty International  Human Rights Reports

Try these sources to find population, demographics, educational attainment, number of  washing machines purchased,  and numbers of  other  expensive durable goods purchased.  Most of these are books in the Feinberg Library Reference room. Look at them BEFORE spending hours trying to find this data with Internet search engines. 

European Marketing Data and Statistics
Ref. Desk HA1107 .E87 2000

International Marketing Data and Statistics
Ref. Desk HA42 .I56 2001

Social Indicators from the World Bank in MS Excel format

Government Policy and Business Climate

Country Commercial Guides  "These reports present a comprehensive look at countries' commercial environments, using economic, political and market analysis." Prepared by U.S. embassies.

Doing Business In  Series  Invaluable for information on investment regulations and taxation.  Written by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.   Type the title with your country name to find the call #-- ask the Reference librarian if you don't find one.

Economic Policy and Trade Practices  "The reports are intended to provide a single, comparative analysis of the economic policies and trade practices of countries with which the United States has significant economic or trade relationships." From the U.S. Department of State.

Stat U.S.A. See the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) for government industry trade analysis.  This is probably the U.S. governments most comprehensive trade database.

U.S. Business Advisor   Many links to international government trade information.

Tracking News

There are many types of news sources ranging from AP newswire feed  to trade publications that are useful for tracking trends in an industry, but are not considered scholarly in the academic world.   Here are a few definitions to consider when ensuring that you have a variety of information sources:

Level of scholarship

General- written for non-expert public, information NOT written by authorities in the field
Examples: Articles found in trade publications and newsmagazines. U.S. News and World Report, Time, Business Week
Scholarly- written by experts in the field, includes expert analysis
Look for:
-Published or sponsored by a professional association, such as the Academy of Management
-Bibliography or works cited at the end of the article
-Peer reviewed or refereed
-Articles organized with sections covering theory and methodology of the study

Lexis-Nexis This is a full-text database covering many fields.  Take a look a what's available in the Business section. Also take a look at Industry and Market News.  The Business News covers a variety of sources from wire services, trade publications, to scholarly articles. 

This can be a complicated database to search because if you're not careful you will retrieve too many sources to work with. Click on the button MORE OPTIONS for a more specific method to narrow in on the specific information you're trying to find. You can specify that the words you're searching for need to be in the headline and not just appear somewhere in the full text. You can also specify which newspapers you would like the article to appear in. There's a lot of help--take a look at it if you need to specify that words should be searched for in a specific order, etc.

More Scholarly Articles

These databases generally do not index the wire services.   However, you will find trade magazines such as Business Week and newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal included with journal articles.

Business Abstracts

Business and Industry Index

EconLIT Indexes over 400 journals in economics

Science Direct (Despite its name this database has a whole section of full-text business journals published by Elsevier press)

Find Books     

Specific to the auto industry in your country/region

Feinberg Library Catalog (see what's here first)

NetLibrary:   E Book collection with a respectable business selection from the big business presses like MIT and Harvard

WorldCat:   International catalog of 30 million books from OCLC.   Allow yourself time to request the book via Inter-Library loan.


FIS Online (also called Moody's) Use for  balance sheets, news, annual reports, and  10K filed with Edgar for Ford.  See what other international acquisitions occurred last year.  Information is full-text.


This page created by: Karen Volkman,
Last Updated: Sept. 24, 2001