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Preparation of Educational Leaders


Knowledge and Skill Base

The Educational Leader Preparation Program is based on:

The program is expressly designed incorporating these sources to provide graduate students with current research and thinking in those areas of knowledge, skills, and dispositions considered essential for effective public school leaders.



School leaders must acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to work effectively with teachers, parents, students, and communities to develop programs which enable students to achieve at high levels. The Plattsburgh State University Educational Leaders Preparation Program is founded on the following tenets:

  1. The program balances theory and practice to ensure that application is incorporated into class activities that are directly related to school operations.

  2. The program reflects a constructivist philosophy throughout class activities and operations. Candidates construct knowledge based on concepts taught, past experiences, and work responsibilities.
  3. The program is founded on the belief that faculty and students have a mutual responsibility to develop strong positive personal and professional relationships and to become part of each otherís networks and support groups.
  4. The program develops in candidates the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work effectively with people and manage needed school functions focused primarily on teaching and student learning.


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