Skin Layers:

By Abbie

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Project Outline

I: Epidermis: Thin, cellular outer component

II: Dermis: Thick, fibrous inner component

contains fat, blood vessels, sensory receptors, hair

follicles and glands (sweat and sebaceous). Sensory

receptors found in the dermis control pain reception,

hair movement, touch, light pressure, heat and cold reception.

Dermal blood vessels regulate body heat loss at temperatures

up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Above this temperature, sweat

glands become active in order to promote the cooling effect

through evaporation of water from the skin.

Abbie’s edible model of the skin layers consisted of a three layered cake with various colored cake frosting to represent the layers of the skin. She also went so far as to have twizzlers sticking out of the sides and top of the cake to represent the blood vessels and body hair. This cake was so accurately done that I had to ask if she really did it on her own. In all honesty, she sure did and she was voted by the class to receive five bonus points for most accurate project.

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