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Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program

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Plattsburgh State University of New York

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Office Phone: (518) 564-3037

Previous Positions

Marine Fisheries Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension/Sea Grant Program, 1988-1999

Cooperative Extension Agent, Warren County, New York, 1985-1988

Extension Associate, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, 1984

Extension Specialist, Sea Grant Extension Program, Fredonia, New York, 1983 - 1984

Fisheries Technician, New York State DEC, Dunkirk, New York, 1982.

Professional Societies: American Fisheries Society


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Recent Research Project Participation

Multidisciplinary Analyses of the Feasibility of Champlain Canal Barrier Options. J. Homziak, M. Malchoff, J. E. Marsden, E. Fitzpatrick, M. Hauser, B. Higgins, and W. Howland. $94,000 award from National Sea Grant Office. 2002-2003

Movement and population size of sea lamprey in Lake Champlain and its tributaries. J. E. Marsden, School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont, Patrick Sullivan, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, Mark Malchoff, Lake Champlain Sea Grant, Plattsburgh State University. $121,522 award from Great Lakes Fishery Commission. 2001-2004.

Targeted Distribution of Educational Materials to Prevent the Spread of Nuisance Aquatic Species from Lake Champlain. M. Malchoff, J. Homziak, and M. Hauser. $39,730 award from New York Sea Grant (Project: A/EEP-16), 1999-2002

Summer flounder hooking mortality as a function of hook size/style. Mark H. Malchoff. $6,738 award from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 1998-99. Project 29 of Cornell-DEC MOU 000024.

Identification of Continental Shelf Groundfish Nursery Habitats in the New York Bight. Dr. Robert K. Cowen, Marine Science Research Center, SUNY Stony Brook, and Mark H. Malchoff, New York Sea Grant Extension Program. $200,000 award from NOAA/NMFS Saltonstall-Kennedy Fisheries Development Program Grant Number NA66FD0012, 1996-1997.

Methods to determine if wetlands restoration efforts produce finfish nursery habitat. Mark H. Malchoff. $3000 award from South Shore Estuary Reserve Program, New York State Department of State, 1996.

Effects of catch and release angling on important northeast marine fishes: Mortality factors and applications to recreational fisheries. Dr. Michael P. Voiland and Mark H. Malchoff, New York Sea Grant Extension Program. $75,000 award from NOAA/NMFS Saltonstall-Kennedy Fisheries Development Program Grant Number NA36FD0102, 1993-1995. Research results published in Project Report by Mark H. Malchoff distributed in Northeastern U.S.

User characteristics at selected boat ramps in the marine waters of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. $6000 internal award. New York Sea Grant Extension Program, 1991-1993. Research results published by New York Sea Grant Institute in Project Report by Mark H. Malchoff, 1993.



Master's of Science in Environmental Studies, Bard College 1993

B.S., Natural Resources, Cornell University, 1976


Hobbies and Interests

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