The Website of Richard H. Robbins (and friend)
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Anthropology
SUNY at Plattsburgh
Plattsburgh, NY  12901

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Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism:
Readings, internet resources, and course materials to accompany the book, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism and the Course (Anthropology 362) Anthropological Perspectives on Global Issues
Technology and Society:
A society and technology reader and additional course materials on technology and society for Anthropology 366, Technology and Society
Culture and Belief
Materials to support Ant 340, Culture and Belief, including The Belief Machine

Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based Approach

Materials to accompany the text, Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based Approach.  This is still under construction, so please bear with us.

Darwin and the Bible: The Course
(Click here for the book)

Materials to support a course examining the history and nature of the dispute between evolutionists and creationists.
Web Publications:
Some papers and web publications
Curriculum Vitae
34 Some basic educational biography and life history


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