Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based Approach (5th Edition)
by Richard H. Robbins

Anthropology 102 Syllabus


This site is designed to assist students and instructors using Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based Approach.  This site will include materials to  supplement the text and will include links to other anthropology web sites.

You might wish to sample the author's other web site on Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism.

Problem Outline and Course Material

Essay and Reading Assignments

Problem 1: How can people begin to understand beliefs and behaviors that are different from their own?


Problem 2: How do we explain the transformation of human societies from small-scale, nomadic bands of hunters and gatherers, to large-scale, urban-industrial states?


Problem 3: How do we explain emergence of the modern nation-state and the methods through which persons come to believe that they owe their allegiance to their country?


Problem 4:  Why do people believe different things, and why are they so certain that their view of the world is correct, and others are wrong?


Problem 5: What do we need to know before we can understand the dynamics of family life in other societies?


Problem 6.  How do people determine who they are, and how do they communicate who they think they are to others?  
Social Landscape


Problem 7: Why are modern societies characterized by social, political, and economic inequalities?


Assignment 7
Stratified Monopoly Questions
Problem 8: How Do Societies Justify and Give Meaning to Collective Violence



Assignment 8