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The Online Global Problems Reader:   A collection of Online articles, simulations and interactive exercises to accompany the book, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism

Videos on Global Problems

A collection of films and film clips on global problems to accompany the chapters in Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism.  The site is still being prepared, and not all pages are available.  However given the value of the resource, we wanted to make what has been done available to instructors and students.  If you have any suggestions for additions, please let us know at

About this Site

The purpose of this site is threefold; first to provide an Internet resource for those interested or concerned about the consequences of the global expansion of capitalism.

Second, to provide Web support for courses offered through the Anthropology Department at Plattsburgh State University, both on campus and on the Internet, that address social concerns. 

Finally, to provide a description of and support  materials for the book, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (5th Edition) by Richard H. Robbins (Pearson Publishers, 2011).  The book describes the key elements of the culture of capitalism, examines its historical emergence, and analyzes some of the social, economic, and environmental consequences of its expansion.  A new concluding chapter on constructing the citizen-activist examines the policy changes necessary to address the problems discussed in the book.

Features of the site include:

Internet Resources An extensive list of Websites on global concerns including links to resources on countries, corporations, global media, and maps
Course Material Course syllabi, course assignments and exercises and discussion questions
The Online Global Problems Reader The Online Global Problems Reader: An ongoing project, the reader will consist of Online articles and interactive exercises
Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism An outline of and chapter introductions to Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
Chapter Resources A collection of Videos to accompany Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism.
Chapter Resources Annotated links to Web resources arranged by book chapter
Anthropology Resources An extensive list of anthropology resources on the Internet


Richard H. Robbins is an anthropologist at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh with an interest in applying anthropology, as well as other disciplines, to the understanding of global problems.


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