Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism

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Internet Resources

We hope that one of the more valuable features of this site is the access it will provide users, particularly students, to Internet resources necessary for understanding the social, cultural, political, and economic implications of the global expansion of capitalism.  While the rapid growth of the Internet makes it impossible to keep up with the addition of  relevant sites, we will update this list several times a month, adding new sites and eliminating those that no longer function.  We will also highlight new and relevant sites on the Global Update page. 

The sites listed here are categorized as follows:


General Information General Information

-Information on using the Internet, tutorials, and some excellent articles on evaluating Internet resources

-Some of the more popular search engines and some help on how to use them.

-General purpose sites and metasites such as Australia National University--CoombsWeb Social Science Server, the University of Kansas History Index, CapsWeb-A Guide to the U.S. Congress, Choice and Scout Website reviews, and so on.

Websites by Topic

-These are Websites arranged according to the chapter topics in Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (e.g. the consumer, the laborer, population, health, etc.)

Resources on Countries Information on Countries

-Websites that provide country profiles and other essential information (economic status, population, health resources, etc.)

Resources on Corporations Information on Corporations

-Since more than half of the 100 wealthiest entities in the world are corporations, it is essential to appreciate their influence.  These Websites will provide information on and about the major multinational corporations in the world. (Also check the topic category, the capitalist)

Media Resources Media Resources

-Links to mainstream (e.g. New York Times), progressive (e.g. Green Leaf Weekly), and conservative (e.g. media, along with links to newspapers and magazines from around the world.

Map Resources Map Resources

-Links to numerous map sites for both contemporary and historical maps.


Global Problem Reader


Online Global Problems Reader

-An ongoing project, the reader consists of Online articles and interactive exercises to accompany the book, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism





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