Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism

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Part I: The Consumer, the Laborer , the Capitalist, and the Nation-State in the Society of Perpetual Growth

Chapter 1: Capitalism and the Making of the Consumer

Chapter 2 The Laborer in the Culture of Capitalism

Chapter 3: The Rise of the Merchant, Industrialist, and Capital Controller

Chapter 4: The Nation-State in the Culture of Capitalism


Part II The Global Impact of the Evolution of the Culture of Capitalism

Chapter 5: The Growth of Population

Chapter 6: Hunger, Poverty, and Economic Development

Chapter 7: Environment and Consumption

Chapter 8: Disease and the Culture of Capitalism

Chapter 9: Indigenous People, Ethnic Groups, and the Nation-State


Part III Resistance and Rebellion

Chapter 10: Peasant Protest, Rebellion and Resistance

Chapter 11: Antisystemic Protest

Chapter 12: Religion, Fundamentalisms, and Social Protest

Chapter 13: The Construction of the Citizen-Activist




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