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WWW Resources on Alternative and Utopian Communities

General Resources

These are general resources on utopian, intentional or alternative communities, and related information.  Some of the sites, such as Religious Studies on the Internet provides access to information and sources (e.g. The Bible) related to the construction of alternative communities.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

An extensive collection of classic Christian writings.

Communal studies organization

Communal Studies Bibliography

Comparative Religion--A Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion

Intentional Communities

The Rain-Atlantis Project: Studies in Utopian & Peaceful Societies

Reach: Intentional Communities

Religious Studies on the Internet

The Society for Utopian Studies

SocioSite: Activism-Collective Action-Social Movements-Utopia

Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World -- NYPL

From the front page of this New York Public Library (NYPL) exhibit, users can access three sections: Exhibition, Programming, and Resources. The Exhibition itself offers sample representations of ideal societies arranged in four main sections, beginning with Sources (ancient, medieval, and biblical utopias), ranging through Other Worlds (More to the Enlightenment) and Utopia in History (the revolutionary age through the nineteenth century), and finishing with Dreams and Nightmares (twentieth-century utopias and dystopias). To the left of each image are options to read more about or print the item (and, in some cases, an option to enlarge). The latter two sections offer a number of resources for those looking beyond the exhibit for more information. Programming lists related events scheduled throughout New York, and Resources offers annotated bibliographies and numerous links to related sites. A useful site for both the scholar and those with a general interest.


Utopia On the Internet

A set of links and resources on utopian communities and literature.

Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

"Despite the austerity of its appearance, this guide provides students and educators with copious references to electronic resources related to the study of religion and theology. The well-organized guide focuses on Christianity but also includes information on other world religions. Users may browse the catalog of annotated Internet resources by course area or material type, including bibliographies, syllabi, electronic texts, electronic journals, Websites, electronic discussion groups, and liturgical resources. The guide was created by Charles Bellinger, a librarian at Regent College (Vancouver, BC), for the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion located within Wabash College (Crawfordsville, Indiana)."  (Scout Report for Social Sciences, 4/6/99)

Witchcraft Bibliography Project

"The Witchcraft Bibliography Project compiles and disseminates bibliographical information about witchcraft in early modern Europe and America. The bibliography includes references in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Dutch. The bibliography is divided into 20 topics and may be browsed online or downloaded as a compressed self-extracting file. In addition, the Website contains a briefly annotated list of Internet resources related to the project. The extensive bibliography was originally compiled by History Professor Jeffrey Merrick of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has recently been enlarged and amended by its current compiler, Richard M. Golden, Chair of the Department of History at the University of North Texas." (Scout Report for Social Sciences, 4/6/99)


Community Web Sites

These sites provide direct access to specific communities.  See also the Communal Studies Association links.)

Acorn Community


"The Bruderhof is a community movement of families and single men and women, living in 7 communities in New York, Pennsylvania, and southern England. The basis of our communal life is Christ's Sermon on the Mount, in particular the teachings concerning brotherly love and love of enemies, mutual service, nonviolence and the refusal to bear arms. We share everything in common, and each member gives his or her talents, time, and effort wherever they are needed. Money and possessions are pooled voluntarily and in turn each member is provided for and cared for."

Twelve Tribes

"We are a spiritual brotherhood whose love for one another stretches across the boundaries of nationality, race, and culture. Our spiritual life and the love we share come from the God who is love, the One who made every good thing.  We never intended to form a community or band together for a common cause. Instead, our way of life came about naturally. A little over twenty years ago a man and his wife were touched in their hearts by the great love that our Creator had for them. They understood how He tenderly cares for us and wants us to escape the death and decay all around us. They realized that He had provided a sacrifice for our sins  a way out of the endless cycle of hurting and being hurt. In the only way they knew how, they began sharing their faith with others, inviting people into their home and loving them in practical ways."

Twin Oaks


The Farm

Gabalah - A New Intentional Community

House of David


The Basic Shaker Library

Hancock Shaker Village

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Los Horcones

Utopian Ecovillage Network

Described as a "TROPICAL PARADISE IN ECUADOR. We are an intentional community with a self-sufficient goal, we are seeking people who have a strong desire to live communally.  We are part of a network of intentional communities throughout the world linked with similar values to support each other for the creation of a new society. The basic intention of the Utopian EcoVillage Network is to be a pilot model demonstration of how to live in a real New World consciousness of sharing on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically."


Relevant Documents

The following sites provide access to works (books, articles, essays, letters, etc.) that relate to the study of utopian, alternative, or intentional communities.

Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Tolstoy's The Gospels in Brief

Tolstoy's Summary of the Gospels in Brief gospel_summary.html

Jefferson Bible

The Marx-Engels Archives

The Abolition of Landed Property by Karl Marx

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Karl Marx

On The History of Early Christianity by Frederich Engels

The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State by Karl Marx

History of the Communist League by Karl Marx

Shakers Compendium (1859) by F.W. Evans

A Biography of Robert Owen

A New View of Society, Or, Essays on the Principle of the Formation of the Human Character, and the Application of the Principle to Practice by Robert Owen

Letters from the Kibbutz



Course Syllabi

UTOPIAS Ancient & Modern ( J. Lenz, Drew U)



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