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Dr. Robert Fuller 
Center for Earth and Environmental Science
Plattsburgh State University of New York
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
(518) 564-2028




PhD,  Duke University,  Environmental Science


MS,   University of Tennessee,  Ecology


BS,    University of California Santa Barbara,  Botany 

Courses Taught: 

CHE 308  Environmental Chemistry  - (3 credits)   -  The study of chemical phenomena in the environment.  Focus on natural chemical processes in water, air and soil systems; chemical contaminants that pollute these systems; principles of chemical kinetics and equilibria applied to quantitative description of the chemistry of natural systems.  Prerequisite: CHE 240 or CHE 241.


      aurora_borealis_at_Halley_st._Antarctica.jpg (372138 bytes)
ENV 370 Introduction to Soil Science  - 
(4 credits with lab) -    Basic introduction to all aspects of soils, with particular reference to environmental concerns.   Taught as part of the Applied Environmental Science Program at Miner Center each fall.

Download Soil leaching experiment exercise:     Soils Cubed

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ENV 437  Instrumentation in Water Quality Analysis   -   (4 credits with lab) -   Introduction to and hands-on use of analytical instrumentation used to measure organic and inorganic chemicals in water including nutrients and toxics.   Covers atomic absorption spectrophotometry, graphite furnace, UV/Vis spectrophotometry, ion chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, potentiometric titrations.  Utilizes research instruments in the labs of the Lake Champlain Research Institute.

Download:    Polynomial Regression

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Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory

ENV 304L   Ecology LabYou must have a computer equipped with Excel 2000 to download these files.  They will launch in Excel and you can save them to disk.

Download Saranac River Data Set to Excel - 
click link here:   


Download Excel Notes (courtesy Dr. Mihuc) on
 habitat preferences and feeding niches of 
Aquatic Invertebrate families here:


Download Rugar Woods Stuff:



Cemetery Demography.XLS

  The basic interpretation for the lab data sets would be that if the presence of filter feeders increased below the impoundment (either in absolute abundance or in relative abundance) it was most likely due to flow regime and food availability in the drift.  You could also do a simple family richness index (counting the number of families represented in each site) and in theory there might have been more families represented in the upper site (species richness would, of course, be a much better index).

   Note:  Dr. Wu has had to call off this week's lab (11/15).  In the interests of keeping the labs together, I will also call off Thursday's lab.  Your Cemetery lab reports will be due Tuesday, the day before Thanksgiving break.

Research Interests:

Current Undergraduate Student Research Projects:

Fatty acids as food web biomarkers
in aquatic ecosystems
(with Dr. Mihuc)
          Students:    Trevor Carpenter, Jon Wanlass
fuller.jpg (42992 bytes)
Chemistry of Natural Waters in the Northwest Lake Champlain Basin (with Dr. Romanawicz)
Students:  Matt Valentine, Katie Wynne
Effects of disturbance on nutrient cycling 
in the Flat Rock Pine
Barrens Ecosystem
Students:   Stacy Davis, Quentin Gahan, Stuart Douglas, Kevin Brussee
Research Experience for Undergraduates
A new six week summer course in undergraduate
research, taught at the Miner Center/Flat Rock Field Lab, 
sponsored by the National Science Foundation

 Forest Biogeochemistry, Terrestrial Plant Ecology, 
Surface-Water Hydrology, Ground Water Hydrology, 
Invertebrate Ecology, Environmental Policy

If you are interested in participating in any
of these independent study research projects,
please contact me at the link below:

Contact Dr. Fuller at:

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