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GEG 121
Human Geography

many globes, many place, many perspectives


Human migration routes: 

Overview (Encarta)

Possible Ice Sheet Migrations 20,000 years ago

Roman Trade Routes

Medieval Highways of Commerce (13th century Trade Routes)

Black Death Epidemic

Maritime Spice Routes


Map Projections:

Buckminster Fuller Projection  and Gray's Dymaxion Version (click on Robert Gray link)

Peterson Projection

Mercator Projection

The Great Globe Gallery


Why Geography Matters

GIS Blog

Contributions to Global Warming Map

World Happiness Map



Saudi cities (Where is Mecca?)

Middle Eastern states

Travels of Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo

Darfur: Sudan in Crisis (Washington Post site)

Map of the British Mandate (Palestine and Transjordan) 1917-1922

Map of Israel 1947 and 1949

Population Growth in Maps (1 AD - 2020)

Population: US Census International Database



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