Taher Zandi. PhD SUNY Distinguished Services Professor -Director of Center for Intergenerational Studies and Programs




I am a SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Psychology Department at Plattsburgh State University in Plattsburgh, NY. Graduated with PhD in 1982 from University of Oklahoma and came to Plattsburgh in Fall of 1982. My main area of academic interests is neuropsychology and geriatrics psychology. I have completed two post doctoral. 1- Behavioral Neurology, Emory University and 2- Geriatric Psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal. 

My scholarly interests are in the areas geriatric neuropsychology and Health care delivery. I have presented and published more than 300 articles and papers and have succeeded in attracting more than $10 million in grants and contracts to the Center for Intergenerational Studies and Program that I helped to create and chair.

My teaching interests is in the area of life span development and gerontology. I also enjoy teaching small group seminars in the area of behavioral neuropsychology and behavioral management of dementia patients. I have also been involved in working with the elderly who have suffered from intellectual disabilities. Indeed, this issue presents an amazing challenge in terms of dementia diagnosis. 

I have a vast interests in cross cultural issues of associated with neuropsychiatry disorders of the elderly. In fact I have been visiting scholar to Iran in two occasions and have collaborated with my middle eastern colleagues several dementia related projects.

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