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      The "Dino Notes" and "Dino News" simply illustrate the posting format which will be followed for the Laboratory Exercises.  [Note: some of the color images currently used in "Dino Notes" and "Dino News" were originally inserted with the assumption that they would be viewed through the campus computer network.  These files are large, and may take a prohibitively long time to download to an off campus computer.  In future, all image files will be tested for off-campus download speed, and rescanned to lower quality if necessary.]

     The "Depositional Environments" section illustrates the virtual tour of modern environments for students.  This tour currently uses a combination of old black and white and color photos which will be replaced with all color images to further enhance the students' experience.

     Students will be allowed to explore environments in much the same way we would on a field trip (the Point Bar is the most extensively developed part of the trip at this point).  They will be able to move around the area, look more closely at the sediment, sedimentary structures and plant and animal debris; and also dig small trenches to add a third (stratigraphic) dimension to their exploration (NOTE:digging is currently available in only the Bar Platform and Edge of the Forest sequences).   Following their exploration of recent depositional environments, the students will be able to examine dinosaur bearing rock units and to compare their characteristics with those of the modern environments they've already seen.  In this way they will learn to interpret the rock units as "fossil environments". 

     The overall result will be to allow students to explore places that would not otherwise be available to them, and to test concepts that are not normally testable within a lab setting.

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