Ghost in the White House

    Even though it's been over 130 years since the death of Abraham Lincoln, it is claimed that his ghost still haunts the rooms of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Several presidents as well as visiting dignitaries have seen or felt his presence.

    During the thirteen years Franklin D. Roosevelt lived there, his wife, Eleanor, often felt the presence of the Great Emancipator. She used his former bedroom as a study. As she wrote, Mrs. Roosevelt said, she sometimes sensed someone watching her. Even when she turned and found no one, she believed Lincoln was with her in the room.

    A young clerk who worked in the White House during Franklin Roosevelt's first term in office said she saw Lincoln's ghost sitting on his own bed, pulling on his boots!

    Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands spent a night in the White House during Roosevelt's presidency. She reported that a knock brought her out of bed to answer the door. The ghost of Lincoln stood staring at her from the hallway.

    Lincoln seems to prefer knocking on doors. Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman all said they heard mysterious rappings, often at their bedroom doors.

    And then there is that certain window in the Oval Office. From that portal, Lincoln would gaze toward the distant Virginia battlefields. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge said she saw his ghost standing there on several occasions, his hands clasped tightly behind his back, his attention focused on the bloody fields across the Potomac.

Adapted from Haunted Heartland by Beth Scott & Michael Norman