Psy 462 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology
"...there is nothing so practical as a good theory."
(Lewin, 1951)

Psy 462 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology is being taught as a web course using the Moodle Course Management System. Students must access the Moodle system in order to complete course requirements.

Required Text
    Aamodt, M.G. (2013). Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach (8th Edition). Cengage: Belmont, CA.

Course Description
Psy 462-Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a survey of the ways that psychological theory and research have been applied to understand and enhance the effectiveness of people at work. Much of the research, and many of the examples to which you will be exposed deal with private sector (business) organizations. However, the principles of I/O Psychology can be applied to any organization. I/O Psychologists draw from many areas of psychology (e.g., Psychometrics, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology) and add to these areas in their work on organizational effectiveness. In Psy 462 we will learn about people at work, organizational effectiveness, and we will explore some basic psychological principles.

Information regarding Course Requirements, Grading, and the Course Schedule is available on the course Moodle site.

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