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Psychological Statistics (PSY206)

Rarely do students become psychology majors because they have a strong interest in statistics. This is what is known as an "understatement." Most of you may be wondering why this subject is even a required portion of the psychology curriculum. You may also be wondering why understanding the meaning of a figure like this....popup77.gif (15679 bytes)






....is even relevant to your desire to do what you have been led to believe psychologists do. The overall goal of this course is to demonstrate the many ways that the science and practice of psychology are completely dependent upon a probabilistic view of human behavior. While this is bad news for "talk show" psychology, it should encourage those of you who look forward to learning how to make reasoned and responsible judgments regarding why people do what they do.


If you would like to view the syllabus for this course, click here.

Here's a useful flow chart dealing with issues regarding when certain statistical tests should be used as a function of the design of the experiment.

Here's something else interesting...Stats Rap!

Here are a couple web links to some statistics-related resources. I hope that you will consult them and that you will find them useful, whether you are interested in them for purposes of additional tutoring, alternative presentation of topics, etc.

StatSoft - On-line text. This one includes more advanced material along with the introductory stuff.

StatNotes: Online Textbook - G. David Garson's collection of information, ranging from introductory to complex. An excellent source of explanation and examples.